Are You Struggling To Get Leads?
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Get all the business you want (and more)
without spending a dime OR selling your soul!

Position yourself as a one-of-a-kind
Expert, Authority, or Thought Leader
(with this quick, 10-step checklist) so you can magnetize the right people to you!

  • 1
    SUPERCHARGE your influence, impact, and income — without hustling yourself into an early grave!
  • 2
    STAND OUT — so more people will refer you and do FREE marketing for you.
  • 3
    SUCCEED — without feeling like you have to leave "the real you" at home when you go to work!
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by Ben Gioia

​Ben Gioia (“joya”) is the creator of the Influence With A Heart™ Method, specifically designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs & organizations to get more leads, get more clients, and 7X their income… without selling their souls.

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