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1. Below is the key information you need. 1) dates; 2) promotion periods; 3) available commissions (if you choose to become an affiliate); 4) brief summaries; and 5) how to find out more.

2. I'll make it simple to share by providing you with easy-to-use, pre-written, copy-&-paste "swipe copy" that you can use for email, social media, and/or 1-on-1 conversations. Thanks!

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Events & Programs (3 Total) 

  • (IF THE GOAL IS GETTING THE BOOK DONE + PARTNERING, PROFITING and MAKING AN IMPACT... and not publishing yet...) ----- >>> 5 WEEK BOOK MASTERY (includes Publish, Position, and Profit Masterplan). Get your book done, know your exact publishing roadmap, and have conversations (about your book) that bring you clients & partnerships, before your book is finished! Enjoy triple productivity & results (with more calm and clarity than ever before) plus a unique, private community of like-minded business owners, experts, influencers, and visionaries!  Full Description / Find Out More Here • Partner Commission = $450 per referral • Get Your Swipe Copy, Dates, Affiliate, & Sharing Information Below
  • (IF THE GOAL IS HAVING AN EXACT, CUSTOM PUBLISHING ROADMAP...) ----- >>> PUBLISH, POSITION, and PROFIT MASTERPLAN (2-day, virtual deep dive). From this weekend, you will have your EXACT ROADMAP for getting your book done and then publishing, launching, and profiting from your book! Plus finding and partnering with the right influencers, changemakers, and collaborators — from a publisher with more than 110 strategic partnerships!  Full Description / Find Out More Here • Partner Commission = $47-$1,250 per referral •  Get Your Swipe Copy, Dates, Affiliate, & Sharing Information Below
  • (IF THE GOAL IS DONE + FULL SERVICE PUBLISHING, PARTNERING, PROFITING and MAKING AN IMPACT...) ----- >>> BOOK PROFIT MASTERY Implementation MASTERMIND (Comprehensive Writing / Publishing / Positioning / Profiting / Partnering). This is the best, most comprehensive way to get your high-quality book done — then publish, position,  profit, and launch — so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want. You’ll get it done (whether you’re starting with an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript)! You’ll instantly elevate your credibility, visibility, and authority so you can use your book to create more impact — and get more clients & partners — even before it's finished! Full Description / Find Out More Here • Partner Commission = $500-$1,250 per referral • Get Your Swipe Copy, Dates, Affiliate, & Sharing Information Below

Dates, Promotional Periods, and Commissions
Make Money With Me If You'd Like... (or simply spread the word)
Note: you can always take the commission and be philanthropic with it.

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BOOK PROFIT MASTERY MASTERMIND (Implementation with Full- Service Publishing)

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----- >>> BPMM Summary

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Promo Period:


Dates: New intake 1st full week of each financial quarter

Partner Commission: $500-$1,250 per referral

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Become an Affiliate
for the BPMM 
by contacting us [email protected]

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(Get book done & get clients, includes PPP Masterplan.)

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----- >>> 5WBM Summary

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COURSE Promo Periods: 
A) June 1 - July 4
B) Sep. 1 - Oct. 3

COURSE Dates: 
A) July 5 — August 23
B) October 4 — Nov. 22

Partner Commission: $450 per referral

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1. SWIPE COPY (Course)

5WBM Swipe (Starts July 5) Here

• 5WBM Swipe (Starts October 4) Here

2. Become an Affiliate for 5WBM Here
or email and we'll set you up
[email protected] if you need some help.

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(2-day deep dive, virtual, get your publishing roadmap)

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----- >>> PPPmp Summary

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EVENT Promo Periods:
A) April 19 - May 19
B) July 18 - August 18
C) Oct. 17 - Nov. 17

EVENT Dates:
A) May 21 and 22
B) August 20 and 21
C) Nov. 19 and 20

Partner Commission: 
$47-$1,250 per referral

• • • 

1. SWIPE COPY (Event)

• Swipe Copy for PPP (May 21 & 22) Here

• Swipe Copy for PPP (Aug. 20 & 21) Here

• Swipe Copy for PPP (Nov. 19 & 20) Here

2. Become an Affiliate for PPP Here
or email and we'll set you up
[email protected] if you need some help.

COMPARE Ben's Publishing Mastermind 
With Other Programs of Far Less Value

Program BenefitsBOOK PROFIT MASTERY MASTERMINDPublisher #1: "Barely enough to matter."Publisher #2: "Starts strong and fizzles out!"Publisher #3: "We look good... but your book won't!"Publisher #4: "Maybe if you mortgage your house or sell your children!"
Your Book Done (in as little as 5 weeks)YESNoYYNo
Getting Clients & Partners (before you're published)YESNoNoNoY
12 Months of Business CoachingYESNoNoNoNo
Live Biweekly Mastermind Calls (with group coaching)YESNoNoNoNo
Live Biweekly "Coffee Shop" Accountability Calls (with laser coaching)YESNoNoNoNo
Book Profit Blueprint (quarterly planning session)YESNoNoNoNo
Kickoff Strategy Call (with publisher)YESYYYNo
Publishing Roadmap (custom & strategic)YESYYNoNo
Intellectual Property (you own it)YESYYYY
Editing (by four(4) real humans)YESNoYNoNo
Book Cover & Interior (by award-winning designers)YESYYYY
Multiple Formats (softcover, hardcover, and ebook)YESNoNNNo
Best Keywords & Categories (for your book)YESYYNoNo
Book Launch Playbook (customized, bestseller launch plan: 90 days ahead / day of / one year after)YESNoNoNoNo
Bestseller Book Launch (launch day)YESYYYY
Positioning (your LinkedIn summary & tagline)YESNoNoNoNo
Positioning (your magnetic Introduction (for stages, radio, podcasts, and TV)YESNoNoNoNo
Monetizing & Impact (online course)YESNoNoNoNo
Monetizing & Impact (profitable partners method)YESNoNoNoNo
Monetizing & Impact (1,000 targeted connections)YESNoNoNoNo
2X Deep Dives (virtual, business development)YESNoNoNoNo
Private community of visionaries and thought leadersYESNoNoNoNo
Triple Productivity & Results (with more calm and clarity than ever before)YESNoNoNoNo
Total InvestmentBPMM is The Best Publishing Deal In The World, YES!$10,000 $20,000$28,000$63,000

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