Do You Want 2X-5X-10X More Money 
for The Unique, One-of-a-Kind
Value You Offer?

• • •
This Influence With A Heart® Checklist Makes It
Easy For You To Amplify Your “Special Sauce"

WHY? So you can position yourself as a one-of-a-kind expert, authority, thought leader, or influencer!

  • 1
    STOP —  playing the “competition game” (because it exhausting AND expensive)!
  • 2
    STAND OUT — by growing a platform and reputation that feels aligned and authentic!
  • 3
    SUCCEED — by easily attracting the right people and organizations... sustainably!

by Ben Gioia

Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a two-time best-

selling author, speaker, and creator of

the Influence With A Heart® Method. If you have BIG IDEA, Ben will teach you how to write your #1 best selling book — in just 5 weeks — and position yourself for a media explosion in 99 days!

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