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In Just 5 Weeks!

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Hey it's Ben,

Writing a profitable, high-quality book — and doing it fast — isn’t difficult. 

And I proved it. 

(And with my book done, all sorts of things took shape...)

I made an additional $254,042.78, in the next 3.25 years, from writing my book in just 5 weeks.

(That's more than a quarter of a million dollars.) 

(That's an extra $72,583.65 a year — for the mere 22,523 words in my book — that came from my heart.)

And each of those words is still making me money today... 

Here's how it happened...

IT ALL STARTED when I was invited to teach a 2-day training at Stanford University about the Influence With A Heart Method® and how to use it in their organization.

The audience: 126, seven-figure earning, global business leaders.

(I was soooooooo excited! AND SO NERVOUS, too!)

Now, picture me, on the phone, finalizing contract details with the Event Planner...

I knew that I needed to make a good impression on her, my audience, and the company that was investing in me to deliver an amazing experience.

So I told the Event Planner that I would give each person a free, autographed copy of my new book!


How To Be A Better Leader and Communicator by 

Using More Empathy, Story, and Thought Leadership

(and a dash of lovingkindness)

(NOTE: At this point in time, I hadn't written the book... yet.)

And I learned from one of my coaches that gifting my book would add a ton of value and create a memorable experience for everyone! 

And, as you can probably imagine, the Event Planner — by association — would benefit as well.

She said, "Thank you! This is amazing!  Nobody else ever made such a generous  offer. They will LOVE this!"

"You're welcome," I said. And we e-signed the contract...

(It was now official! "Look, Ma!, I'm speaking at Stanford!")

I completed the call, gazed out the window, took a deep breath, and said:

"Holy cannolis! I need to write this book... and I've got 5 weeks!"

So I write...

And write...

And write...

Five weeks FLY past. And... good news!

I did it! I wrote my book!

And everyone received an autographed copy of my book, just like I'd promised the Event Planner.

(They LOVED IT!)

"Ben Gioia is a great coach. He uses interesting stories and simple-to-understand concepts to get our minds engaged. Highly recommended Ben! He is just fantastic!" 

— Bob Lin, USANA Health

Sydney, Australia

7-figure, global business leaders at Stanford University... they ALL got my book!

Then — almost 

So Much More BUSINESS Came To Me!

• One of the leaders from the audience — who I stayed in touch with — discovered that I was coming to Australia, later that year as a guest speaker at a different event on the Sunshine Coast.


---- He invited me to give a talk at their company headquarters in Sydney! 

---- Two days later he asked me to do a second talk, the following day, to a Chinese-speaking audience... through a translator!

Then three months later, I'm negotiating with a Fortune 100 company that asked me to help create a mindfulness & empathy video game — in collaboration with MIT — for more than 20,000 customer experience employees around the world.

And what the Fortune 100 invested in me (i.e. their time, energy, trust, and money) is PROOF that...

Your book will help you attract more clients & opportunities, so you can keep your cashflow steady.


Because your book makes you a CATEGORY OF ONE, and it helps establish your brand, FAST!

You increase your value AT THE SAME TIME that you position your expertise.

It makes you super confident in your amazing skills, experience, and wisdom.

("Holy cow, I'm legit.!")

Then it's easy for you to attract more of the right leads, right clients, and right referrals.

"At 9pm last night my book hit #1!"

“At 9pm last night my book hit #1! Thank you for your supreme guidance and expertise in starting this book."

— Cristina DiGiacomo, M.S.

Industrial Philosopher™ | Wisdom never fails.

Author: Wise Up! At Work | C-Suite Network Advisor

Here's how you can become a CATEGORY OF ONE, so you can serve more people, make more money, and make a bigger impact... 

Develop a clear message, unique offer, and proven method, in a book that connects your 'special sauce' to what your clients want & are looking for...

Keep walking the path that you're guiding others along... grounded in your experience, hard-earned wisdomcase studies, best stories, and successes...

Create more connections, referrals, trust, and value by aligning your book, positioning, messaging, marketing, and one-of-a-kind offer!

Q: "But Is It Really Possible to write my book... 

... and still have time to live my life, take care of  my family, do my job, and all that other "life" stuff?


The Method I teach my clients allows for deep work, deep rest, and time to enjoy your life... while writing a #1 best-selling book!

Because I've spent the last 4 years integrating the best tools, strategies, and practices for writing a stellar book AND building the muscle for doing high-quality work, FAST, for every kind of project.

  • This unique approach (The Influence With A Heart Method®) worked for me. 

  • It works for my clients. 

  • It's repeatable and leads to consistent results.

  • That means it's a proven method.

So as long as you stick to the plan — It will absolutely work for you!

Q: "Is this the right course and coach for me?"

A: "YES, this is (definitely) for you if..."

  1. You want a streamlined process for going from big idea to book in less than 7 weeks.

  2. You want a simple AND easy approach to writing your book FAST and you need help from someone who’s done it and guided others, successfully.

  3. You want to write your book in such a short time is  (and you want a proven STRUCTURE to organize your thoughts and make it doable).

  4. You want to position yourself as an expert, authority, thought leader, or influencer in your market, field, or industry.

  5. You know that NOW is the perfect time for you to finally get that book done!

  6. You want Ben and his 35 years of experience in publishing, copywriting, speaking, book writing, and so much more!

  7. You love the idea of having your own, unique book, but you realize that without this approach it just may take FOREVER. 

  8. You want a HIGH QUALITY, HIGH PROFIT book, FAST.

No Risk To You... Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

I absolutely guarantee that if you adhere to all the guidelines, schedule, and steps of this method, you will complete your book. You will receive a 100% refund (as long as you cancel within 30 days of the beginning of your course).


"It was a no-brainer to say YES!"

"I am delighted to be on board and write the book that’s just been WAITING to be written. I trust Ben to be the support I need, along with accountability along PLUS his clear understanding of my mission... and he is seriously good at what he does. It was a no-brainer to say YES!"

— Christine Powers
Founder and CEO at Philosophers Camp, keeper of wonder & wisdom, empowering voices to uplift, Member: Evolutionary Business Council

  •  If you’re a speaker, coach, consultant, or solopreneur  — especially when you’re pivoting — writing your 1st (or next) book will juice your brand AND position you uniquely, so you can get more leads, clients, podcast interviews, and speaking!
  • If you're leaving the corporate world and establishing your consulting practice, your book is great to have, especially when you can have it FINISHED in just 5 weeks!
  • Ready to get started? Because you have NOTHING TO LOSE...

... I want to personally invite you to 
Write Your #1, Best-Selling Book
In Just 5 Weeks

Receive all the VALUE of my premier, 1-on-1 coaching  
with all the BENEFITS (and "no-brainer" investment)

of this amazing Mastermind Group!

"I have taken this course and it's superb!"

"Ben is an amazing human being. I have taken his course and it's superb! I highly recommend it — for getting started, getting clear, and getting writing.”

— Annemarie Shrouder (she, her)

Helping People Thrive Int'l Speaker | Consultant
Facilitator: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Racial Equity
Member: Evolutionary Business Council

Here's What You Will Receive

  • 1
    ✔ The Influence With A Heart® Book Writing Template — You'll get EVERYTHING you need for how to write your book and be done in just 5 weeks... while building your business! (Value: $997)
  • 2
    ✔ The Influence With A Heart® "JUST WRITE FOR ONE HOUR A DAY" Roadmap — Here's an actionable, easy-to-follow, blueprint (to write your #1 best selling book in just 5 weeks) including structure, roadmap, book models, schedule & timeline, plug-and-play template, tactics for deep work/deep rest, and getting great testimonials (in just one hour each day / six days a week), so you can focus on the book and not the details! (Value: $1,997)
  • 3
    ✔ The Influence With A Heart® Business Builder — will help you use your book to bring you more clients and opportunity by gaining crystal clarity on your message, client/avatar, and how to serve them best (plus: start making money even before your book is published)! (Value: $997)
  • 4
    ✔ The Influence With A Heart® Take Your Stand & Open Your Voice Method — You'll write your book with every word you say, LITERALLY speaking your book out loud, and using accurate voice-to-text technology that's simple & fun! (You can still type and handwrite as much as you like, too.) (Value: $497)
  • 5
    ✔ 1X (One), Unstoppable Book Success (75 minutes) — Discover what it really takes to write a high-quality, best-selling book, FAST, as you get unprecedented clarity about the message that you're here to share with the world! (Value: $497)
  • 6
    And so much more....


"The total value of this course is over $25,000.

"(And that's about the the investment when I do this one-on-one with my clients).

"I'm already filling slots for this group that will be starting soon! So, I want to make sure there's a spot for you. AND I want to make sure you get in for the group coaching 'Early Bird' Investment!"

Want to join me for the Early Bird opportunity?

What People Are Saying About
Writing Their #1 Best Selling Book With Ben

"Why? Because Ben is the best coach for your book."

"He already helped me write one book. Now he's going to help me with another one. "Why? Because Ben is the best book coach."

— Whitney Vosburgh
Author of Work The Future! Today and 
Brand New Purpose
Speaker, Interim Fortune 20 CMO
Member: Evolutionary Business Council

"I wouldn’t have written my book without Ben’s help!"

Jesse Ali Headshot

"His unique ability to quickly create clarity, along with his insights, turned the complicated task of writing a book into a simple one: by the end of the first coaching call I was no longer staring at a blank page!"

— Jesse Ali
Founder at

"Your insight was invaluable."

Hey Ben, thanks again for all your help in getting my book published! It went live today and your insight was invaluable. Your input and edits were a great boon and really helped me in the way I approached telling the story."

— Ralph Miller
Author of Christ Lives in You: Christian Meditation So Christ May Dwell In Your Heart

"...I'm so glad Ben is offering this!"

“It's very hard to find something that really impresses me like what Ben Gioia's is teaching. I'm so glad he's sharing this simple method to guide people in writing their books the right way! 

— Giuseppe Fratoni
Strategic Marketing for Attorneys, Consultants, and 
Professionals Who Want To Grow A Sustainable Practice

"Will It Pay Me Back?"

I know it will, because it works.

And, I invite you to ask yourself these four (4) questions:

1. "If all this did was help you attract more of the right people, so you could make a bigger impact in the world… would that be worth it?"

2. "If all this did was help you create success on your own terms… would that be worth it?

3. If all this did was give you the confidence to increase your rates 5X, 10X, or more, would that be worth it?"

4. "If all this did was get you one (1) extra, new client each month, would that be worth it?"

(How much is one client worth to you?)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I really write my book in 5 weeks?

---- Yes, if you follow the process, schedule, and recommendations from me. :) It's a proven, replicable process.

2. What if I'm not a good writer?

---- A) You're better than you think. B) It's not all "writing"... you'll be speaking and creating your book in other ways.

3. How can I write a book when the whole idea feels OVERWHELMING?

---- This method is PROVEN and developed for you to succeed. There's a roadmap, schedule, structure, accountability, community, and a whole lotta LOVE.

---- It's what I did and it helped earn me an additional $254,042.78, over a 3.5-year period

---- (If you still have questions, let's talk about them. (Go here.))

4. Do I need to write every day?

---- It's up to you, of course. However, the timeline for this process is 6 days of writing / 1 day off / repeat.

5. Do I have to work like a crazy person to write my book in 5 weeks?

---- NOPE. You do not. 

---- There is time for rest, rejuvenation, and YOUR LIFE  built right into the method... so you have time to recharge and rock your writing!

Thanks for reading and considering what's possible!

I'm delighted to support you.

If you're still on the fence about getting your book DONE, let me ask you a coaching question: "If not now, WHEN?"

Let's write your book, shall we?

With love and a big hug,



Hurry... the clock's a tickin'!



Isn't it time to FINALLY write your book?

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